It's all about the Vibe...

MNOStudios is a boutique recording studio/independent in-house record label  - all under one roof. Located in Oakville, Ontario, we opened our doors in the fall of 2015, and since then have been busy recording and producing; Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Christmas music, as well as engineering and producing audio books. If you are looking to record in a comfortable, chill space - we are it.

If you are looking for maximum square footage and soaring ceilings - we are not it. However, MNOStudios does boast a Yamaha C3 Grand piano in our 280 square foot 'live piano lounge' and four more separate recording spaces one floor below. The 36 square foot vocal booth is ideal for up to four singers, a double bass player, or anyone else who 'does not play well with others'. The control room is a laid back place to get some work done. Far from a 'sterile' environment, you may begin to feel like you are in a nightclub rather than a recording studio - but isn't that the point?

Located thirty minutes from downtown Toronto, or 30 to 40 minutes from Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo,   Cambridge, or even London, MNOStudios is available to serve your needs. Any situation from a soloist to a Jazz quartet, rock band or even a small orchestra. We've got a unique thing happening here. 

It's time for some Christmas Music!...well almost

Coming soon to a radio station near you:

Annie Bonsignore

and the newest seasonal hit single 

'Take My Letter Up To Santa'